Snorkeling in Hurghada


"Around the Island" - the ultimate snorkeling adventure for explorers and ocean lovers! Dive into an unforgettable snorkeling journey with us! Our Goal: To explore the most fascinating coral reefs around Hurghada and to experience the "Big 4" (dolphins, rays, whale sharks, and turtles) up close. We make three extensive snorkeling stops at beautiful, intact reefs. Whether you're an experienced snorkeler in search of a real adrenaline kick, or a beginner taking your first steps in snorkeling - we have the perfect experience for you. Included: Snorkeling gear, breakfast, lunch, coffee, and drinks, as well as German-speaking guides. Price: 45 € per person Children from 7-12 years pay half, and children up to 6 years only 15 €. We look forward to having you on board!

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🏴‍☠️ Did Someone Say Treasure Hunt? 🏴‍☠️

Sunbathe on a paradisiacal sandy beach and embark on a unique adventure with us!

🚤 Setting the Course: We set sail towards the enchanting Orange Bay with a delightful German coffee in hand, gliding serenely towards a day of relaxation and adventure. Following a hearty breakfast with German rolls, pancakes, and omelets, we arrive at our picturesque destination, always aiming to be the first to trace our footsteps on its sandy embrace.

🌅 Craft Your Own Adventure: Design your moments - whether it’s capturing memories at Instagrammable spots, basking under the gentle caress of the sun, or playful splashing in the azure waves. Let your soul dangle freely and absorb the paradise around you, while our little pirates are entertained with a riveting treasure hunt.

🍽️ Lunch on the Waves: As the island gradually fills with explorers by midday, we retreat to our sailing ship for a delightful lunch. Whether you’re a seasoned or budding pirate, all agree: the fare here is much tastier than at the hotel. With everyone refreshed and re-energized, we navigate to our snorkeling reef.

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🐠 Underwater Wonder: Delight in an unforgettable glimpse into the Red Sea's awe-inspiring biodiversity. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced snorkeler, our professional guides ensure everyone feels safe and thrilled in the aquatic wonder. And yes, there’s time for our epic cannonball competition!

🌇 Homeward Bound: With fresh, regional fruits and uplifting music, we journey home facing the sunset, bringing a close to a day where every moment is all-inclusive: snorkeling equipment, breakfast, lunch, coffee, drinks, and German-speaking guides.

🎟️ Pricing: 45€ p.P. + 5€ Surcharge for Orange Bay

  • Kids 7-12 pay half
  • Kids up to 6 pay 15€

Let's craft moments that linger, together!

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Fancy a Sunset Quad Tour?

Want to tear through the desert on four wheels with your friends? Without the typical tourist stuff, just go full throttle without other tourists.

Just you and your private guide..

Quad biking + enjoying the desert + sunset photos #private #onlyyou #withoutothers 25€/person Including transfer & Palestinian scarf & 1 bottle of water.

For reservations and info, as always

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Relaxa(c)tion Fun & Sandbank Tour: Your Ideal Mix of Thrills and Chill!

Splash into Fun and Sun-soaked Serenity, All in One Unique Journey! 🌞

For all you late risers with a penchant for unfiltered fun — this one’s for you!

🚤 Your Day, Your Adventure: We kick off at a leisurely 9:30 AM, embracing the day with a stellar German coffee as we set sail toward a dreamy Bahama-style sandbank, an undisputed jewel in and around Hurghada. We do brunch right — a lavish spread with everything your heart desires, leading us into a day where relaxation and exhilaration coexist!

Immerse yourself in an oasis of calm, drifting on air mattresses with a cocktail from our floating bar in hand, or puffing a leisurely shisha amidst the azure... 🍹

For the Adrenaline Junkies: Unleash your wild side with  #BananaBoat and more — injecting a dose of thrill into the tranquility. Of course, we pave the way for our obligatory cannonball contest and ensure we snap those insta-perfect shots! 📸

🐠 Submerge into Wonder: We wind down, submerging ourselves around an enigmatic sunken postal ship, snorkeling to witness the awe-inspiring biodiversity of the Red Sea. Fret not, our professional guides, adept in ensuring sea safety and rich experiences for all skill levels, will be with you every splash of the way.

Inclusivity at its Best:

  • 🐟 Snorkeling gear
  • ☕ Boundless beverages and coffee
  • 🗣️ Expert guides (multi language speaking)
  • 😋 A brunch that’ll leave your taste buds dancing

Investment in Fun: €50 per adventurer, all fees inclusive.

  • Young sea explorers (7-12) pay half!
  • Tiny treasures up to 6 sail for €15.

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🌱 We Sail Responsibly: We prioritize our oceanic environment, ensuring our adventures are as kind to the sea as it is to us!

Let’s Create Waves of Unforgettable Memories Together! 🌊

Experience an Adventure-Filled Day in the Desert

Experience a day rich in adventure in the desert, get to know the culture and hospitality of the Bedouins, and discover a fascinating side of the beautiful Egypt with us.

We'll drive 50km into the desert in a Jeep, stopping at a Roman fortress that’s roughly 2000 years old. From here, you’ll have an indescribable view over the vast expanses of the desert.

Next, we'll witness the sunset from a large rock: it’s breathtakingly beautiful how the sun disappears behind the mountains and the sky turns a rosy pink.

Our absolute highlight is still to come: enjoying the starry sky by a communal campfire, let the serenity of the desert inspire you - a moment that will stay in memory forever - #individual #sustainable & #adventurous

70 € per person

All In:

  • Water, soft drinks, tea, and coffee
  • Dinner, snacks, and fruit
  • Guides (multilingual)

Start: 3pm in El Gouna
End: around 21:00

Snorkeling in Hurghada - Private, Exclusive, with a Speedboat

Your adventure, your rules! Imagine a day where you dictate the journey, aboard your very own 250-HP speedboat. Picture yourself gliding across the clear blue waters of Hurghada, with the freedom to choose your own adventure:

🐬 Mingle with the Dolphins: A tranquil experience as you snorkel alongside the gentle creatures of the deep. 🏖️

 Uncover the beauty of Orange Bay, a slice of paradise awaiting your arrival.

🌅 Sandbank Serenity: Escape to a serene sandbank, nestled in the heart of the ocean, offering a tranquil retreat amidst the waves.

Bespoke Journeys Tailored Just for You!
Cherish each moment with a tailor-made itinerary: Snorkel with giant rays, relax on pristine shores, or combine it all for a day of varied adventures.
Savor the luxury of bubbly drinks and a refreshing fruit plate, with picnic options available to elevate your day at sea.
Explore with ease, as we provide all snorkeling equipment for your underwater escapades.

A Snapshot of Your Day:

  • Duration: Choose between a 3 or 4-hour adventure.
  • Pricing: Scaled to your group’s size (2 people €160, 3 people €200, 4 people €240, 5 people €280).

👉 Your Voyage Awaits! Secure a day where you’re the captain, where memories are crafted against the stunning backdrop of the Hurghada seascape.

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